The Process Industry is primarily concerned with processing raw materials into other products. XSENS is able to measure any type of liquid or gas flow rates due to our transit time ultrasonic measurement technology and is therefore well suited for measuring flow rates of chemicals or petroleum products.

Our patented helical and axial ultrasonic measurement technology is not affected by any property changes like density, etc, for flow rate meassurement. Since XSENS meters are able to measure from outside of a pipe, the meters are not in touch with the liquid or gasses and are therefore not affected by corrosion, erosion, waxing, scaling, sour service H2S, etc etc.

Due to it’s clamp on design, we offer pipeline integrity while measuring your valuable processed products with high accuracy and with minimal maintenance – no risk for spilling or leakages.

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Application / Industry


  • Measure all types of liquids or gasses, independent of their density or composition
  • Clamp on design: no risk for leakages, ensuring pipeline integrity.
  • Minimal maintenance since the meters are not in contact with the medium.
  • Measuring from outside of the pipe means there is no risk for erosion, corrosion, waxing, scaling, etc.



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