Can the Meter be used in downstream applications?

Yes absolutely, it can basically measure anything that flows (water, chemicals, slurries, mud etc.)

Can the Meter measure sand?

No, this is a flow Meter not a sand detector.

Is there a lower pressure range for your gas Meters?

We would like to have a minimum of 20 bar pressure where we install the Meters (Xsens can lower this by doing some extended calibrations).

Does the Xsens gas Meter require updated PVT data?

No, if your wells are gas wells (with/without) small amounts of liquid we would like to have input on Pressure and temperature.

Can the Meter be moved from one pipe size to another?

No, the Meter is designed specially for each pipe sizes.

How will changes in salinity influence the readings from the Meter?

Insignificant influence.

Is the Meter dependent on input of temperature?

If the Meter shall measure watercut, temperature is an important input. If process temperature is not available, such can be arrived from the internal temperature sensors mounted on the surface of the pipe inside the Meter.

What kind of calibration is required?

If only flow rate is needed, we can measure such without any input data.

If water cut is to be measured in addition to flow rate, we need to measure Speed of Sound (SoS) of a sample of pure oil and water plus temperature and salinity of water is required. Xsens have handheld SoS measurement cells available so we can do this one-time SoS measurement in the field.

Can the Meter measure gas? What about gas with some liquid within?

Yes, The Meter can measure gas and gas with up to at least 50 weight percentage liquid.

What is the temperature and Pressure limitations?

For pressure there is no limits. Temperature is 100 deg C at surface of pipe today.