The patented ultrasonic, multipath, clamp on flow and fraction meters of Xsens Flow Solutions are available for industries like Oil & Gas, Process and Water Supply. We provide measurement from outside of a pipe, which means there is no disruption or leakage potential in a client’s production or process when the meters are being installed.

Our high accuracy, easy-to-install, robust and low maintenance technology allows clients to measure flow rates of any type of liquid or gas. It can also measure the salinity of water, or the watercut (%) of water in oil.

Have a look at these Industry pages below  to find out more. If you have enquiries about an Industry not mentioned on this page, please contact us.

Oil & Gas

Measure flowrate of oil, gas, mud, watercut (%) and even gas with small amounts of liquid from outside of the pipe with high accuracy with clamp on installation.

Process Industry

Measure flowrate and fractions of two media in chemicals or refined products in liquid or gas form with high accuracy.

Water Supply

Flowrate and salinity measurement on small to large diameter water lines.