Do you need temporary watercut measurement? Xsens offers two options:

  • Short term: 0-100% Watercut measurement service by Xsens engineer with portable travel kit.
  • Mid to long term: Leasing of full sized 0-100% watercut meters with option to renew, purchase or return of the watercut meters.

When operators need to understand better what’s happening in their pipelines regarding watercut, it is costly and challenging to install an inline meter. Sometimes, the installed inline meter itself needs to be verified due to changing conditions on site.

Operators can choose for Xsens clamp on watercut measurement technology. We offer a Xsens Flow Measurement Service which allows operators to test our clamp on meter technology easily and on short notice. The Service will not interfere with your production or pipeline integrity due to the clamp on design of the parts.

Xsens and our global agent network can send engineers with portable travel kits by plane or local transport with all required parts to quickly install, measure and report at your location. Different pipe sizes and locations in the same area can be measured within hours or days. We provide you with detailed reports and findings so you can decide on your next steps for your applications.

We can also offer leasing on meters or Pay-For-Data from 1,5” to 30” and even larger on request. Lease periods can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Our engineers will do the installation and commissioning to ensure proper functioning of the meters. Clients will have an option for leasing renewal, meter purchase or return of the meter at the end of the leasing period.

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Xsens is the only company providing clamp on 0-100% watercut measurement through our patented technology.


  • Qualified engineers bring a handheld portable travel kit with Xsens equipment to your site
  • Get immediate insight in your watercut readings from 0-100% by clamping equipment on the outside of the pipe
  • Easy installation means no interruption to your production, process, or pipeline integrity
  • Test Xsens technology before purchasing or leasing
  • Data and report provided by Xsens to client for evaluation


  • Enable accurate temporary fraction measurement on sites which have challenging watercut conditions to build up knowledge for permanent improvements.
  • Test Xsens technology for prolonged periods of time
  • Verify performance of inline flow and fraction meters which might have fallen outside it’s operation window.
  • Suppliers can test performance of their watercut applications with temporary clamp-on watercut meters before it is final installed at Operator’s site
  • Predictable leasing costs with option to renew, purchase or return at end of lease