The XACT Liquid Flow Rate & Water Cut meter provides accurate, reliable and cost effective 2-in-1 measurements for both:

  • Flow rate of oil and water with accuracy 1% of flow, and
  • Water cut measurement for 0-100% water in oil with accuracy 1% absolute.

The 2-in-1 meter is clamped to the outside of a pipe and measures the flow rate of oil and water plus 0-100% water cut. It measures with ultrasonic signals straight through the pipe wall.

The technology utilizes the time of flight of acoustic signals through the liquid over the full bore of the pipe, measuring flow rate over the full velocity profile. It also measures Speed of Sound to establish the water in liquid ratio (water cut).

The integrated flow computer can provide outputs like water cut 0-100%, net oil flow rate, net water flow rate in any unit clients would require.

The clamp on design allows for easy installation (2-3hrs) and it can be installed close to bends and valves if needed. Since the meter is not in contact with the liquids, it is not affected by erosion, corrosion, waxing, scaling or leakages. This makes the meter very reliable and robust, with minimal maintenance required.

This meter is used to measure water cut, oil and water flow rates in tough, industrial environments. It has a lightweight design and is available from 1.5inch to 30inch as standard and bigger on request. It comes with an integrated flow computer to provide the required outputs through analogue 4-20ma or digital Modbus signals.

There is no limit on pressure, viscosity or sour service as it does not affect the measurement or the meter itself. Turn down ratio is 1:400 meaning we can measure 0,1 to 40 m/s. There is also no need for static mixers or flow straighteners as the meter measures the full velocity profile.

For remote installations we can offer WiFi, cellular and satellite signals while adding solar panels for power. The meter can be accessed remotely through internet connection to be monitored and updated if needed.

Local displays for local reading of measurements can be added on request.

The meter is Ex Zone 1 and 2 certified for hazardous areas and can also be supplied without such certification to reduce cost.

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  • 2-in-1 design
    • Measure flow rate of oil and water mixture
    • Measure water cut ranging from 0-100% with high accuracy 1% absolute
  • Integrated flow computer provides water cut, net oil and net water flow rate outputs
  • Clamp on design makes it easy to install (2-3hrs)
  • No need for static mixers or flow straighteners
  • Turn down ratio of 1:400 meaning fluid velocities of 0,1 to 40 m/s
  • No pressure drop


Xsens Specification

Item Requirement Range
General 1 Line size 1.5″ to 30″ and higher
2 Line Schedule Any
3 Pipe Class Any
4 Pipe Material Carbon Steel, SS316,Duplex (others)
5 Hazardous Area Protection Atex, IECEx Zone 1 and 2
6 Ingress Protection IP 66 (higher on request)
Process Conditions 7 Fluid Hydrocarbon / Water / Liquid mixture
8 Phase Liquid
9 Corrosive / Erosive Can handle both due to clamp-on design
10 Case Min Max
11 Flowrate m/s 0.1 40
12 Density No limit No limit
13 Design pressure No limit No limit
14 Design Temperature -20 deg C 100 deg C (higher as option)
15 Viscosity Range from water to heavy bunker oil
Sensor 16 Sensor Type Ultrasonic non-intrusive (clamp-on type).
Up to six pairs (redundancy)
17 Measurement Principle Ultrasonic Guided Wave Transit Time & Time Of Flight
18 Housing Sensor Material SS316 / Aluminium
19 Cable from sensor to transmitter Armored, flame retardant type (xx meters length)
20 Accuracy flow  +/- 1% of flow (add +/-0,01 m/s)
21 WLR (Water Liquid Ratio) range 0-100% WLR
22 Accuracy WLR (Water liquid Ratio)  +/- 1% abs.
23 Turndown ratio 400:1
24 Removable Assembly Yes
25 Electrical Connection 4-20mA / Modbus (WiFi, Canbus, Profibus and other on request)
26 Upstream Straight Length 2-5D (target)
27 Downstream Straight Length 2-5D (target)
28 Flow Straighteners Not required
29 Static Mixer Not required
Transmitter 30 Housing Material SS316 / Aluminium
31 Calibration 0 – 100%
32 Electrical Connection To custom specifications
33 Power Supply 12-24 VDC (external power, or other).
Typical 9,5Watt. 11 Watt at start up
34 Output Signal Modbus serial connected to flow computer via RS-485 /4-20mA
(others on request)
35 Mounting Integrated in sensor
Options 36 Pressure Transmitter NA
37 Temperature Transmitter 2*PT 100  elements included
38 Flow Computer Included
39 Local Display Optional
40 Mounting Kit Included
41 Weight From 25 kg to150 kg depending on size
42 Dimensions See GA drawings from Xsens