The Oil & Gas Industry needs clamp on flow measurement technology for many applications. Historically, clamp on flow meters did not meet the Industry’s accuracy and reliability requirements. XSENS changes this perception through our patented cutting edge technology. Our robust flow meters based on helical ultrasonic signal transmission provides high accuracy previously unheard of for clamp on technology. In addition to single phase flow (oil, water, gas or wetgas) and two phase flow (oil and water), our meters can also measure watercut (0-100%) of water-in-oil applications. It is even possible to measure flow rates of drilling mud flowing in or out of the well during drilling operation.

XSENS Flow Solutions aims at accurate onshore, offshore and subsea measurement of oil and water, gas and wet gas as well as measurement of water or oil-based mud in drilling operations.


Save time and money when measuring high accuracy liquid or gas flow rates or watercut (0-100%) in oil on offshore platform’s or FPSO’s with the Xsens easy-to-install clamp on multipath ultrasonic technology.


Increasing water production in wells means existing in-line flow or watercut meters, installed 10-20 years ago, can now be out of range. Extend the lifetime of your fields and optimize your first and second stage oil, water and gas separators by simply clamping on the Xsens flow and fraction meters to measure oil or gas flowrates and even watercut (0-100%) with high accuracy.


To measure oil and gas in subsea applications is extremely demanding and requires great knowledge, dedication and persistence for any company operating in that field. Xsens is ready to deliver our flow and fraction measurement technology into the depths of oceans across the globe.